mercredi, septembre 03, 2008

Zabalaza #9 maintenant en ligne!

Le journal anarchiste sud-africain Zabalaza dans sa 9e édition est disponible en ligne depuis peu. Un excellent journal publié par une fédération du même nom. Au menu des analyses locales, mais aussi du reste du continent, ainsi que de la théorie et de l'histoire. Un numéro des plus intéressant, surtout après les émeutes qui eurent lieu ce printemps.

Bonne lecture!

pour lire le journal...cliquez ici

Au Sommaire:

Southern Africa:
* Workers, Bosses and the 2008 Pogroms
* “Ba Sebetsi Ba Afrika”: Manifesto of the Industrial Workers of Africa, 1917
* Ninety Years of Working Class Internationalism in South Africa
* Unyawo Alunampumulo: Abahlali baseMjondolo Statement on the Xenophobic Attacks in Johannesburg
* Xenophobia, Nationalism and Greedy Bosses: An Interview with Alan Lipman
* Interview with Two Libertarian Socialist Activists from Zimbabwe

* Kenya’s Troubles are Far from Over
* Will EU troops stop the Central African cycle of violence?
* Brutal Repression in Sidi Ifni (Morroco)

* Obama and Latin America: a Friendly Imperialism?

* Anarchism & Immigration
* The Poison of Nationalism
* Nostalgic Tribalism or Revolutionary Transformation?: A Critique of Anarchism & Revolution in Black Africa

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Nate a dit…

Thank you for spreading the word on what is happening in here the Twin Cities. (And I'm sorry that I do not have enough French to write to you in French.)

Makhno a dit…

No problems comrade!
By the way I really appreciated the article on "90 yrs of working class....". This no. is a very good one...good job!!