dimanche, janvier 13, 2013

A call for international antifascist solidarity with Greece



We appeal to the antifascists who have been alerted by the rise of the neonazi Golden Dawn and to those who stand in solidarity with the greek people. Our call for international solidarity has now grown into an international antifascist movement.

Demos outside greek embassies and conculates are now being organised in London (UK), Dublin and Derry (Ireland), Barcelona and Ossona (Catalunya), Lyon (France), Tampere (Finland), Chicago and New York (USA) and news for initiatives in other countries are streaming in.

We ask for more demos in solidarity with the greek movement, that is preparing for a big show of strength in Syntagma Square on the 19th of January. It is not just an international affair, it is part of a concerted effort to build a movement that will target rising fascism and racism in Europe and in the whole world.

We ask you:
1) to contact us and give us details for your activities on the day, through facebook, twitter or email: antiracismfascism@yahoo.gr

2) to send us photos and videos of support, holding plackards, stating your solidarity.

3) to send us statements of support that will be read from the platform the day of the demo and concert in Syntagma.

4) to take photos from your solidarity events and send it to us, in order to publicise the size and breadth of our movement.

In case people are travelling to Athens to join us for the day, we would appreciate if you would contact us. We cannot provide facilitation as we are already over-stretched in activity, but there will be an informal meeting of international guests on Friday night, the day before the demo. And we want the international presence to be as organised as possible at the demo itself.
If you have any more ideas about how to help, feel free to contact us in order to coordinate our activities.

The greek antifascist movement is heading for a big confrontation with what seems to be the most dangerous rise of the neonazi far-right in decades. We call on our friends to stand up and be counted on the 19th of January.

In solidarity,
The Organising Committee of the “19 January – Athens Antifascist City”.

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